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Rock Grabr’z boot studs are designed to provide maximum grip on the toughest surfaces – heavy surf, ice, slimy rocks or slippery cave floors.

For The Ultimate Grip On Ice And Rocks.
See what our customers are saying:

“I installed Rock Grabr’z Boot Studs on a new pair of work boots.  Previously I had been using a strap-on product.  The improvement is amazing. Before if there was an ice and snow-covered area on a sloped trail, I would be very cautious.  Now I have complete confidence that I won’t fall.” – Peter

“In one of my recent posts, I mentioned that I was currently using the ROCK GRABR’Z lug with Simms Headwater Felt boots.  Awesome combination.  BTW, I’ve been working this combo hard, this past couple of weeks and every lug is holding its place.  No bend overs or rusting screw shanks.” – David. MD 

ROCK GRABR’Z are designed for the toughest use – climbing on slippery weed-covered rocks, deep, snow-covered ice and serious ice trekking where a sharp, aggressive, deep bite is required for safety and traction. The extra large, solid carbide head is designed to bite deep into the surface and provide a positive hold for the user. The integrated washer head prevents roll-overs for more solid bite. They will bite on rocks, but will not penetrate rocks. These boot studs are a must for all serious surf-fishermen, cavers, rock climbers, mountain climbers. They’re easy to install and can be removed when not needed and re-installed again when needed.

ROCK GRABR’Z features:

  • Large pointed, solid carbide head
  • Integrated washer design prevents roll-over
  • Much more rigid than pullover harnesses
  • Self-tapping threads
  • Hold-tite threads to eliminate pull-out
  • Heat-treated alloy steel body – won’t bend
  • Corrosion resistant plated finish

To order:

RGS-1K $84.95 – Pack of 50 ROCK GRABR’Z + Installation Tool
RGS-2KX $99.00 – Econo pack of 66 ROCK GRABR’Z
SR-31 $7.95 – Deep socket installation tool for ROCK GRABR’Z

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Bootmaster Boot Studs are designed to give you confidence and traction on slippery surfaces in work or play out of doors.

Bootmasters For Traction:

If you walk on slippery, wet or icy surfaces, Bootmaster Boot Studs will make your walking /or trekking safer. They’re perfect for ice fishermen, hikers, hunters, farmers or anyone whose actions take them outside in icy conditions where traction can be a problem. The hard carbide tips will give you a grip on ice, slippery rocks, stream beds or any other slippery surface. They’re easy to install in your boot soles and the carbide bites in and improves your traction. Their screw-in design makes them much more rigid than pullover harness types of traction devices.

Improves traction for:

  • Ice fishermen
  • Climbers
  • Hikers
  • Cavers and trekkers
  • Outdoor winter workers
  • Anyone who works on wet, slippery concrete or rocks


  • Hard carbide tip for best bite into all hard surfaces
  • Short 11mm shank for installation in either thick-soled or lugged work shoes and boots
  • Screw-in installation provides positive grips – no shifting footing, like pullovers
  • Hold-tite threads to eliminate pull-out
  • Self-tapping threads for easy installation and removal
  • Alloy steel body – won’t bend
  • Corrosion resistant finish

To order:

BTS-2-K $28.95 – Pack of 20, including installation tool.
BTS-2-C $99.95 – Pack of 100
SR-25 $7.95 – Installation tool for BTS-2




***Note: The carbide tips are very hard and will scratch any surface. Do not wear boots with INS Boot Studs indoors. Not responsible for any damage.***

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