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Roadmasters - Tire & Track Studs

Roadmasters are designed to provide improved traction on icy pavements at low cost.  They can be installed in all-season tires to eliminate the need for a separate set of expensive snow tires.  They provide positive traction for 4-wheel drive trucks, towmotors, and commercial vehicles used for snow removal on driveways and parking lots.  Not recommended for high speed highway applications.

Roadmasters also provide positive traction for ATV’s, UTV’s and all utility vehicles that are operated on slippery or icy surfaces. 

Roadmasters come in 4 lengths, determined by the depth of tread on the tire.  To install them, no drilling is needed and they can be easily installed in minutes with any cordless driver.

  • Eliminate damage to 4-wheel drive front ends caused by chains
  • Solid carbide insert for bite
  • Durable, good for several seasons
  • Reduce side-slip better than chains
  • Cost less than chains

Roadmasters are available in 4 lengths:

 Part number

200 pack

500 pack

1,000 pack

 RMS-15   Minimum tread depth – 5/8”




 RMS-18   Minimum tread depth – 7/8”




 RMS-25   Minimum tread depth – 1 1/8”




 RMS-30   Minimum tread depth – 1 1/4”




 SR-25 & SR-31 Installation tools $7.95 each


*The SR-25 and SR-31 are deep-recess socket drivers, specially designed to assist the user in the correct installation of the RMS Studs.

For RMS-30, use installation tool SR-31

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