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RTS Screw-In Track Studs


Icemaster Screw In Track Studs provide positive control for snowmobiles on ice and snow.

“For todays’ trail use on my high profile track, screw-in studs are the way to go. I love my Icemasters.”   – Pete B, Wisconsin

SNOWMOBILERS: With our Icemaster Screw-In Track Studs you can get lateral traction, acceleration and braking for your sled without drilling your track. The large 70 degree carbide tips really dig in. They’re the largest in the industry and will last for several seasons. Icemasters are easy to install – they screw into the top of the lug for best bite and they require no drilling AND, they don’t require tunnel protectors  Installation takes less than 1 hour and requires only a 5/16 socket and cordless drill. We recommend our installation tool – SR-31.

With today’s high profile tracks, push-thru studs have to be longer and heavier which increases their cost, weight and rotating mass. The increased weight also increases the stress on the track.  Because they’re so long, push-thru’s flex more.  Our Icemasters, mounted on the top, in the thick part of the lugs, are a lot more rigid. This provides better bite and more positive traction control. 

HILLCLIMBERS – add these to your deep-lug paddle tracks for extra traction on those icy spots. You’ll love the extra bite you get. Beat everyone to the top.


                RTS-2 – for lugs less than 1”

                RTS-3 – for lugs 1” to 1 ¼”

                RTS-4 – for lugs over 1 ¼”

NOTE!!  DO NOT install Icemasters in any lug or part of the lug less than ½” thick.

PRICES:  same for all 3 lengths

*The SR-31 is a deep-recess socket driver, specially designed to assist the user in the correct installation of the RTS Studs.

***For studding recommendations, click here:***

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  • RTS Icemasters Installation Tool SR-31


    RTS Icemasters Installation Tool SR-31

  • RTS-2-100


    RTS ICEMASTERS Part #: RTS-2-100
    Overall Length: .5" long; Package Quantity: 100-Pack
    Price: $160.00

  • RTS-2-250


    RTS ICEMASTERS Part #: RTS-2-250
    Overall Length: .5" long; Package Quantity: 250-Pack
    Price: $345.00

  • RTS-2-500


    RTS ICEMASTERS Part #: RTS-2-500
    Overall Length: .5" long; Package Quantity: 500-Pack
    Price: $660.00

  • RTS-3-100


    RTS ICEMASTERS Part #: RTS-3-100
    Overall Length: .75" long; Package Quantity: 100-Pack
    Price: $160.00

  • RTS-3-250


    RTS ICEMASTERS Part #: RTS-3-250
    Overall Length: .75" long; Package Quantity: 250-Pack
    Price: $345.00

  • RTS-3-500


    RTS ICEMASTERS Part #: RTS-3-500
    Overall Length: .75" long; Package Quantity: 500-Pack
    Price: $660.00

  • RTS-4-100


    RTS ICEMASTERS Part #: RTS-4-100
    Overall Length: 1" long; Package Quantity: 100-Pack
    Price: $160.00

  • RTS-4-250


    RTS ICEMASTERS Part #: RTS-4-250
    Overall Length: 1" long; Package Quantity: 250-Pack
    Price: $345.00

  • RTS-4-500


    RTS ICEMASTERS Part #: RTS-4-500
    Overall Length: 1" long; Package Quantity: 500-Pack
    Price: $660.00

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