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RTS Motorcycle Tire Studs


Use Icemaster RTS Screw-In Tire Studs For Bite To Ride All Winter Long – On One Set Of Tires.

Make Your Dirt Bike A Winter Bike.

Don’t park your bikes just because there’s ice and snow on the trails. Put RTS Icemaster Screw-In Tire Studs in your knobbies and convert them to studded winter tires. Icemasters are easy to install because they don’t drill the rubber out, they cut it so that when you remove the studs in the spring, there’s only a very small hole that won’t fill up with dirt and crud.

RTS Icemasters have a 3/8” tall, sharp carbide point that really digs into ice, hard ground and packed snow and give you the bite you need to handle your bike with confidence, to stay on the trail and to go where you want to go. Just install the studs when the ponds and ground freeze up, have your fun, and then take them out when the spring thaw comes. You’ll still have your tires and you can put the studs away in your tool box until the next winter. The solid carbide head will last for several seasons.

If you want to give racing a try, you can use your Icemasters and save the cost of a set of expensive racing tires.

RTS Icemasters are sold in 3 lengths:
RTS-2: ½” thread
RTS-3: ¾” thread
RTS-4: 1” thread

Prices are the same for all lengths:



Pack of 100
Pack of 250
Pack of 500
SR-31 Install Tool

$7.95 each

*The SR-31 (left) is a deep-recess socket driver, specially designed to assist the user in the correct installation of the RTS Studs.

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