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RMS Screw In Studs For Paved Surfaces


Roadmaster Screw-In Tire Studs provide traction for all vehicles on icy winter surfaces, including paved parking lots, roads and driveways.

See why commercial operators switch from chains to screw-in tire studs for traction for snow removal on roads, parking lots and driveways. In addition to improved traction, they eliminate damage to 4-wheel drive vehicle front ends caused by chains.

“These are the best product we’ve found for the front ends of our plow trucks.  We love them.”—Bill, Town of Lisbon Highway Department.

Use Roadmaster Screw-In Studs on tires and tracks to get the grip you need on icy roads, parking lots and driveways.  Roadmasters provide traction on these surfaces with minimal scratch marks. They’re easy to install, they provide positive traction and they can be removed when the ice melts.  Our patented, serrated thread design helps to prevent stud pull-out.   Put them away and use them again next season.  Roadmasters will last you several seasons.

  • Smoother traction than chains
  • Eliminate damage to 4-wheel drive front ends caused by chains
  • Solid carbide insert for bite
  • No-scratch design
  • Heat-treated body for toughness
  • Durable, good for many seasons
  • Reduce side-slip better than chains
  •  Cost less than chains
  •  Brazed construction – not epoxied like Maxi-Grip studs

Available in 4 lengths:

RMS-15 minimum tread depth – 5/8″ 
RMS-18 minimum tread depth – 7/8″
RMS-25 minimum tread depth – 1 1/8″
RMS-30 minimum tread depth – 1 1/4″

Minimum Tread Depth

200 Pack

500 Pack

1000 Pack

RMS-15: Min. tread depth – 5/8”

RMS-18: Min. tread depth – 7/8”

RMS-25: Min. tread depth – 1 1/8”

RMS-30: Min. tread depth – 1 1/4”













SR-25 & SR-31: Installation Tools – $7.95 Each

*The SR-25 and SR-31 are deep-recess socket drivers, specially designed to assist the user in the correct installation of the RMS Studs.
For RMS-30, use installation tool SR-31

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The business of INS Products is carbide products for traction and wear. We make traction products for tires for construction, snow removal and mining; track studs for tracked vehicles; studs for snowmobiles; tire studs for over-the-road vehicles; boot studs for fishermen, hikers, climbers, ice trekkers and anyone who works on slippery surfaces.  We also partner with customers on proprietary products to meet their special requirements.  We use only American made materials to maintain the highest quality and all critical manufacturing processes are done on our premises to insure the most stringent quality control.  We welcome your inquiries for products to meet your needs.