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ATS ATV/UTV Tire Studs



Get Icemaster ATS Screw-In Tire Studs For Control Of Your ATV Or UTV On Ice.

For Hunters, Fishermen, Campers – All Outdoorsmen And Sportsmen.

ATS-stud-shopYou all know the feeling of driving along to your destination, hitting ice, losing control and damaging or wrecking your vehicle and ruining your adventure. Don’t let that happen. Spend a few dollars and install Icemaster Tire Studs on your vehicle. They’re easy to install, they last for several seasons and they’ll give you the bite you need. Our patented, serrated thread design helps to prevent stud pull-out. Then at the end of the season, they can be removed, stored and installed again next winter.

INS Products Icemaster Tire studs:

  • Easy to install
  • Eliminate need for a separate set of studded tires
  • Provide positive traction on ice
  • Can be removed at the end of the season
  • Screws are self-tapping and leave only a tiny hole
  • Large solid carbide insert for better bite
  • Durable- good for several seasons.
  • Brazed construction – not epoxied like Maxi-Grip studs

ATS Icemasters are available in 2 lengths.

100 Pack

200 Pack

500 Pack

ATS-15: Minimum tread depth 5/8″




ATS-18: Minimum tread depth 7/8″




All packages include installation tool.

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  • ATS-15-100


    ATS ICEMASTERS Part #: ATS-15-100
    Overall Length: .625" long; Package Quantity: 100-Pack
    Price: $99.00

  • ATS-15-200


    ATS ICEMASTERS - Part #: ATS-15-200
    Overall Length: .625" Long; Package Quantity: 200
    Price: $185.00

  • ATS-15-500


    ATS ICEMASTERS - Part #: ATS-15-500
    Overall Length: .625" Long; Package Quantity: 500
    Price: $445.00

  • ATS-18-100


    ATS ICEMASTERS - Part #: ATS-18-100
    Overall Length: .875" Long; Package Quantity: 100
    Price: $104.00

  • ATS-18-200


    ATS ICEMASTERS - Part #: ATS-18-200
    Overall Length: .875" Long; Package Quantity: 200
    Price: $195.00

  • ATS-18-500


    ATS ICEMASTERS - Part #: ATS-18-500
    Overall Length: .875" Long; Package Quantity: 500
    Price: $470.00




Better Bite Than Any Other Screw-In Tire Stud!
RTS-4Our RTS Icemaster Screw-In Tire Studs give you high-performance traction, acceleration and braking. The large 70 degree carbide tip really digs in. It’s the largest in the industry and will last for several seasons. Icemasters are easy to install – they screw into the top of the lug for best bite and they require no drilling. Installation takes less than 1 hour with our installation tool – SR-31 – and a cordless drill.

  • Large 70 degree carbide tip for traction on rugged terrain
  • Easy to install, no drilling required
  • Heat-treated alloy steel body
  • Durable, good for several seasons wear

RTS-2: ½” long thread
RTS-3: ¾” long thread
RTS-4: 1” long thread

PRICES:  Same for all 3 lengths
Pack of 100 $160.00
Pack of 250 $345.00
Pack of 500 $660.00
SR-31 Installation Tool $7.95 Each

*The SR-31 (left) is a deep-recess socket driver, specially designed to assist the user in the correct installation of the RTS Studs.

***For studding recommendations, click here:***



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  • RTS Icemasters Installation Tool SR-31


    RTS Icemasters Installation Tool SR-31

  • RTS-2-100


    RTS ICEMASTERS Part #: RTS-2-100
    Overall Length: .5" long; Package Quantity: 100-Pack
    Price: $160.00

  • RTS-2-250


    RTS ICEMASTERS Part #: RTS-2-250
    Overall Length: .5" long; Package Quantity: 250-Pack
    Price: $345.00

  • RTS-2-500


    RTS ICEMASTERS Part #: RTS-2-500
    Overall Length: .5" long; Package Quantity: 500-Pack
    Price: $660.00

  • RTS-3-100


    RTS ICEMASTERS Part #: RTS-3-100
    Overall Length: .75" long; Package Quantity: 100-Pack
    Price: $160.00

  • RTS-3-250


    RTS ICEMASTERS Part #: RTS-3-250
    Overall Length: .75" long; Package Quantity: 250-Pack
    Price: $345.00

  • RTS-3-500


    RTS ICEMASTERS Part #: RTS-3-500
    Overall Length: .75" long; Package Quantity: 500-Pack
    Price: $660.00

  • RTS-4-100


    RTS ICEMASTERS Part #: RTS-4-100
    Overall Length: 1" long; Package Quantity: 100-Pack
    Price: $160.00

  • RTS-4-250


    RTS ICEMASTERS Part #: RTS-4-250
    Overall Length: 1" long; Package Quantity: 250-Pack
    Price: $345.00

  • RTS-4-500


    RTS ICEMASTERS Part #: RTS-4-500
    Overall Length: 1" long; Package Quantity: 500-Pack
    Price: $660.00

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