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Screw-In Tire Studs


INS Traction Kings provide better traction and longer wear than Soucy studs in all conditions on all vehicles used in farming, mining, construction or trail grooming. Especially, but not only on John Deere, Caterpillar, New Holland, Kubota, Pisten Bully, Tucker, Prinoth. They can be installed on any rubber tracked or wheeled vehicle to improve traction.

We designed the Traction Kings to be more durable, easier to install, provide better bite on all surfaces and to last longer on tires and tracks in all conditions than Soucy studs. They feature a large ¾ x 5/8 profile for bite in all surfaces and a tungsten carbide tip made from mining grade carbide is inserted into the body for maximum penetration in all surfaces. The steel body is heat-treated for exceptional durability. The specially designed threads provide better grip and reduce chances of pull-out. They also cut the rubber, so that when the studs are removed, they leave only a very small hole.  The sharp tip of the screw eliminates the need to pre-drill the track for installation and does not leave an open hole that can build-up with debris in the hole that’s left.  They’re a lot less expensive than “Brand S.” And, the kits come with the installation tool.


  • Large profile ¾ x 5/8 h
  • Big head to improve traction in semi-hard surfaces – dirt, clay
  • Large shaped carbide tip to stop slipping and spinning on hard surfaces – ice, rocks, etc
  • Heat-treated steel body for wear and durability
  • Sharp, deep thread designed to be self-tapping – no drilling required
  • Best prices
  • Plated finish to prevent rusting

Pricing: – Installation tool NOT included.

TKS-6-P 10 pieces $175
TKS-6-L 50 pieces $795
TKS-6-C 100 pieces $1,395
TKS-6-PK 250 pieces $2,895
SR-62 TK-6 – Installation Tool $24.95

KITS: – Includes Installation Tool

228 pieces TKS-6 + SR-62 $2,695
296 pieces TKS-6 + SR-62 $3,295
326 pieces TKS-6 + SR-62 $3,575



Gripmaster Screw-In Studs provide the best traction on rough surfaces for all equipment with either tires or tracks.


These studs work better than anything I’ve ever used. They’re the only products I put on my equipment.
Rick, CE Roberts Construction

Catipillar Skidsteer traction with carbide studsCan be used on:

  • Loaders
  • Skidsteers
  • Graders
  • Backhoes
  • Tractors

Gripmaster Tire and Track Studs are designed for use in all snow-removal, construction, mining and farm vehicles where ice, hard-pack or rocky terrain makes traction difficult. The large, solid carbide head really digs in to all hard and icy surfaces. Better than chains, and easier to install than chains; Gripmasters provide better bite and cost less than chains. Gripmaster Ice Studs can be installed easily on all rubber-tired or tracked vehicles to eliminate spinning and side slipping that wears down expensive tires and tracks and loses time on the job. Gripmaster Ice Studs are made for all conditions and surfaces where traction is a problem. The largest carbide head will out-perform and out last all other brands – several seasons.

  • Better than chains to prevent side-slipping, less damage to tires
  • Largest carbide head for best bite and longest wear
  • Self-tapping threads need no drilling and won’t pull out
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Heat-treated alloy steel body
  • Recommended installation 2-4 studs per lug


Get Gripmaster Carbide Screw-in Studs

On ice and snow, there’s no other way to improve traction on your tracked vehicle. Chains are not an option. Our CTS Gripmasters will make you think you’re on dry pavement. The large heads are solid carbide to really dig in and to give your vehicle a positive bite. They’re easy to install and can be removed at the end of the season, stored and installed again for the next winter. They’ll last you several winters.

Advantages over chains:

  • Less expensive
  • Easier to install than big, heavy, cumbersome chains
  • Single points dig in better than chains

Available in 3 thread lengths:
    CTS-2        ½” long
    CTS-3        ¾” long
    CTS-4        1” long
All sizes are the same price:



Pack of 100
Pack of 250
Pack of 500
Pack of 1000

SR-31 Installation Tool


$7.95 each


*The SR-31 (left) is a deep-recess socket driver, specially designed to assist the user in the correct installation of the RTS Studs.

For studding recommendations, click here.



Roadmaster Screw-In Tire Studs provide traction for all vehicles on icy winter surfaces, including paved parking lots, roads and driveways.

See why commercial operators switch from chains to screw-in tire studs for traction for snow removal on roads, parking lots and driveways. In addition to improved traction, they eliminate damage to 4-wheel drive vehicle front ends caused by chains.

“These are the best product we’ve found for the front ends of our plow trucks.  We love them.”—Bill, Town of Lisbon Highway Department.

Use Roadmaster Screw-In Studs on tires and tracks to get the grip you need on icy roads, parking lots and driveways.  Roadmasters provide traction on these surfaces with minimal scratch marks. They’re easy to install, they provide positive traction and they can be removed when the ice melts.  Our patented, serrated thread design helps to prevent stud pull-out.   Put them away and use them again next season.  Roadmasters will last you several seasons.

  •  Smoother traction than chains
  •  Eliminate damage to 4-wheel drive front ends caused by chains
  •  Solid carbide insert for bite
  • No-scratch design
  •  Heat-treated body for toughness
  •  Durable, good for many seasons
  •  Reduce side-slip better than chains
  •  Cost less than chains
  •  Brazed construction – not epoxied like Maxi-Grip studs

Available in 4 lengths:

RMS-15 minimum tread depth – 5/8″ 
RMS-18 minimum tread depth – 7/8″
RMS-25 minimum tread depth – 1 1/8″
RMS-30 minimum tread depth – 1 1/4″

Minimum Tread Depth

200 Pack

500 Pack

1000 Pack

RMS-15: Min. tread depth – 5/8”

RMS-18: Min. tread depth – 7/8”

RMS-25: Min. tread depth – 1 1/8”

RMS-30: Min. tread depth – 1 1/4”













SR-25 & SR-31: Installation Tools – $7.95 Each

*The SR-25 and SR-31 are deep-recess socket drivers, specially designed to assist the user in the correct installation of the RMS Studs.
For RMS-30, use installation tool SR-31

For studding recommendations, click here.




Get Icemaster ATS Screw-In Tire Studs For Control Of Your ATV Or UTV On Ice.

For Hunters, Fishermen, Campers – All Outdoorsmen And Sportsmen.

You all know the feeling of driving along to your destination, hitting ice, losing control and damaging or wrecking your vehicle and ruining your adventure. Don’t let that happen. Spend a few dollars and install Icemaster Tire Studs on your vehicle. They’re easy to install, they last for several seasons and they’ll give you the bite you need. Our patented, serrated thread design helps to prevent stud pull-out. Then at the end of the season, they can be removed, stored and installed again next winter.

INS Products Icemaster Tire studs:

  • Easy to install
  • Eliminate need for a separate set of studded tires
  • Provide positive traction on ice
  • Can be removed at the end of the season
  • Screws are self-tapping and leave only a tiny hole
  • Large solid carbide insert for better bite
  • Durable- good for several seasons.
  • Brazed construction – not epoxied like Maxi-Grip studs

ATS Icemasters are available in 2 lengths.

100 Pack

200 Pack

500 Pack

ATS-15: Minimum tread depth 5/8″




ATS-18: Minimum tread depth 7/8″




All packages include installation tool.

For studding recommendations, click here




Better Bite Than Any Other Screw-In Tire Stud!
Our RTS Icemaster Screw-In Tire Studs give you high-performance traction, acceleration and braking. The large 70 degree carbide tip really digs in. It’s the largest in the industry and will last for several seasons. Icemasters are easy to install – they screw into the top of the lug for best bite and they require no drilling. Installation takes less than 1 hour with our installation tool – SR-31 – and a cordless drill.

  • Large 70 degree carbide tip for traction on rugged terrain
  • Easy to install, no drilling required
  • Heat-treated alloy steel body
  • Durable, good for several seasons wear

RTS-2 ½” long thread
RTS-3 ¾” long thread
RTS-4 1” long thread

PRICES:  Same for all 3 lengths
Pack of 100 $160.00
Pack of 250 $345.00
Pack of 500 $660.00
SR-31 Installation Tool $7.95 Each

*The SR-31 (left) is a deep-recess socket driver, specially designed to assist the user in the correct installation of the RTS Studs.

For studding recommendations, click here:




Use Icemaster RTS Screw-In Tire Studs For Bite To Ride All Winter Long – On One Set Of Tires.

Make your dirt bike a winter bike.

Don’t park your bikes just because there’s ice and snow on the trails. Put RTS Icemaster Screw-In Tire Studs in your knobbies and convert them to studded winter tires. Icemasters are easy to install because they don’t drill the rubber out, they cut it so that when you remove the studs in the spring, there’s only a very small hole that won’t fill up with dirt and crud.

RTS Icemasters have a 3/8” tall, sharp carbide point that really digs into ice, hard ground and packed snow and give you the bite you need to handle your bike with confidence, to stay on the trail and to go where you want to go. Just install the studs when the ponds and ground freeze up, have your fun, and then take them out when the spring thaw comes. You’ll still have your tires and you can put the studs away in your tool box until the next winter. The solid carbide head will last for several seasons.

If you want to give racing a try, you can use your Icemasters and save the cost of a set of expensive racing tires.

RTS Icemasters are sold in 3 lengths:
RTS-2: ½” thread
RTS-3: ¾” thread
RTS-4: 1” thread

Prices are the same for all lengths:



Pack of 100
Pack of 250
Pack of 500
SR-31 Install Tool

$7.95 each

*The SR-31 (left) is a deep-recess socket driver, specially designed to assist the user in the correct installation of the RTS Studs.

For studding recommendations, click here:




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The business of INS Products, Inc is carbide products – for wear and for traction. We make snowmobile studs for positive traction control, tire and track studs for snow removal and construction vehicles, ice spikes for mountain groomers, tire studs for off-road tires, rotor teeth for power landscape rakes, wading boot studs and ice spikes for ice shoes and boots. We also partner with customers on proprietary products to serve special requirements. We use only made in America materials to maintain the highest quality and all critical manufacturing processes are done on our premises to insure the most stringent quality control. We welcome your inquires for products to meet your requirements.