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Large Profile Studs


INS Traction Kings provide better traction and longer wear than Soucy studs in all conditions on all vehicles used in farming, mining, construction or trail grooming. Especially, but not only on John Deere, Caterpillar, New Holland, Kubota, Pisten Bully, Tucker, Prinoth. They can be installed on any rubber tracked or wheeled vehicle to improve traction.

We designed the Traction Kings to be more durable, easier to install, provide better bite on all surfaces and to last longer on tires and tracks in all conditions than Soucy studs. They feature a large ¾ x 5/8 profile for bite in all surfaces and a tungsten carbide tip made from mining grade carbide is inserted into the body for maximum penetration in all surfaces. The steel body is heat-treated for exceptional durability. The specially designed threads provide better grip and reduce chances of pull-out. They also cut the rubber, so that when the studs are removed, they leave only a very small hole.  The sharp tip of the screw eliminates the need to pre-drill the track for installation and does not leave an open hole that can build-up with debris in the hole that’s left.  They’re a lot less expensive than “Brand S.” And, the kits come with the installation tool.


  • Large profile ¾ x 5/8 h
  • Big head to improve traction in semi-hard surfaces – dirt, clay
  • Large shaped carbide tip to stop slipping and spinning on hard surfaces – ice, rocks, etc
  • Heat-treated steel body for wear and durability
  • Sharp, deep thread designed to be self-tapping – no drilling required
  • Best prices
  • Plated finish to prevent rusting

Pricing: – Installation tool NOT included.

TKS-6-P 10 pieces $125
TKS-6-L 50 pieces $595
TKS-6-C 100 pieces $995
TKS-6-PK 250 pieces $2,195
SR-62 TK-6 – Installation Tool $24.95

KITS: – Includes Installation Tool

228 pieces TKS-6 + SR-62 $1,995
296 pieces TKS-6 + SR-62 $2,595
324 pieces TKS-6 + SR-62 $2,875



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The business of INS Products is carbide products for traction and wear. We make traction products for tires for construction, snow removal and mining; track studs for tracked vehicles; studs for snowmobiles; tire studs for over-the-road vehicles; boot studs for fishermen, hikers, climbers, ice trekkers and anyone who works on slippery surfaces.  We also partner with customers on proprietary products to meet their special requirements.  We use only American made materials to maintain the highest quality and all critical manufacturing processes are done on our premises to insure the most stringent quality control.  We welcome your inquiries for products to meet your needs.